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here's a pro to the otherwise con

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sure, i miss the guy. but i'm also missing a few pounds. last night i finally fit into my tight jeans, haven't worn them in months.


feeling good about my body makes everything hurt just a little less.


post your pro!


Good for you! My pro is that I can do what I like now without any pressure and don't have to live with his spoilt rants and needs.

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lol, good for you. I wish I was in your shoes. No situation would ever make me lose weight, just gain weight.


it's push and pull for me.....sometimes stress makes me eat. for example, when i first moved to the city i'm in, i didn't know ANYONE. and i could barely speak the language either. everything was so unfamiliar. the only thing familiar was the flavor of food so i spent much time cooking for myself...which can be hard when it's just you eating what could be made for two or even three.


breakups have made me lose weight before, then i gained it back later after i let myself go. this time i'm constantly telling myself to step back and control myself, because i want to look good as a single lady. and if one day i screw up, start again the next day. that's what messed me up before, i never got back on the horse.

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I have lost weight... and will continue! Also, I am no longer walking on eggshells. Not that he was hard to please or anything, but I have a tendency to be clingy and alil dramatic sometimes and I knew he hated that. After I talk we had seriously about 8 months ago, I had been walking on eggshells trying to never upset him and never be jealous and never clingy. I pretty much changed who I was. I am willing to admit that i have relationship issues that i need to work on, but I dont want to feel that if we have a small argument that my man is going to just up and leave, and thats how i always felt every morning- Will today be the day he just says hes stressed with work and is going to push me away? Even thoh he always seemed so happy, I cud feel that worry deep inside.



No more eggshells and less weight! WOO

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I've been noticing, in the past week, that guys check me out on when I'm out in public. It's been a while since I've noticed that kind of thing. I would actually look behind me to see what they were looking at. Haha!


I did lose a bit of weight in the beginning, but my appetite is back now. However, my belts are too loose now. I think I'll have to do some shopping soon!


Oh and I flirted with someone yesterday. I haven't flirted in so long! I kept giggling like a weirdo. I'll get better at it. lol


Oh yes, the biggest pro...I'm laughing a lot more now. My r/s turned me into a really serious person for a while because the ex was so grumpy.

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