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Totally confused by what she said...


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So there's a coffee shop near my place that I've been going to a couple times a week for the last year (no, not the same shop where I met "J", from a previous thread). This girl, "K" works there. Yes, her name starts with K, and she comes right after J, how ironic. Anyway, I've always been "ok" with K. We get along, joke around, but it never gets personal. As far as attraction, I've always been "eh" about that (mostly in the physical sense) and never really thought "Man, I ought to ask this girl out". Honestly, she's kind of hit me a couple of times as the type to be interested in women.


But last year, I gave her a card with $10 in it, apologizing for not leaving a tip the last dozen times I was there, as I didn't have any cash on me those times. She would give me a free drink here and there and I thought it was nice, but she always said it was because they were going to throw it out anyway. Anyway, in the card was my name.


Tonight I went for a walk and stopped there. We were talking and she said "Let me give you my number, and you text me with your name". Just like that, TOTALLY out of the blue - and I didn't hit on her or suggest we go out AT ALL, so I'm a little confused as to what's going on. From our conversations in the last year, I was always under the impression she had a boyfriend, and she never hit on me - in fact, she said I looked like her cousin when we first started talking. Plus, like I said, that card I gave her was in my name, so if she was interested, wouldn't she have remembered it? I did text her, saying "Hi, K, this is Seymore. Try not to kill anyone tonight!", since she always talks about how she's going to kill a customer or co-worker, and she simply replied back "I will".


What would you think of this? I never had it in my mind she was interested in me, as I never got any signals, so what would you think if a girl just out of the blue said that to you?

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Maybe she's lonely and just looking for friends. Just because she is a girl and you are guy doesn't automatically mean that she wants to hook up if she wants to text with you.


i had a girl give me her number and was looking for just this.. but i didn't find her that interesting so scraped it lol

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