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do i need stiches?

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so i cut myself. relapse.. its on my back about 3 inches long. i stopped the bleeding allright what i'm concerned is how its going to heal. its deep enough so the skin is pretty split i'd see it having trouble sealing on its own especially with all the movement going on with my back.


should i get stiches and risk being put back in rehab or just kinda tough it out?

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Definitely get it checked out, you don't want there to be any problems with it healing or getting an infection! The back is a tricky place...especially (as you said) because you move around a lot.


You also might want to consider rehab (again) as a good option...you might fool yourself into thinking that it won't happen again, but if you've been a self-injurer before and you've relapsed you will almost definitely do it again. It's like a cocaine addict being off it for a year or so and decide to "relive old memories"...they will almost always end up getting addicted again.


Don't let yourself get addicted to the cutting again!! It's always harder to stop the second time around.

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Firstly, definitely get the wound looked at. Even if you don't need stitches, you want it treated so you don't get an infection. If you don't want to go back to rehab, is there another way you can get the emotional support for the issues which caused you to cut in the first place?


Don't try to 'tough it out'. The secret of really strong people is that they know when to ask for help and support and it sounds like you could do with a bit of tlc right now.



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