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How do you feel about a redo?


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ok not really a story but I just wanted some opinions how to handle this situation...


about two weeks ago (monday) I met a guy and he gave his number- we had a small texting conversation wed and then thursday he called me just to say hi and that he was hoping that we could hang out the following tuesday. We both work in restaurant/club scenes so our schedules are busy and the weekends are crazy and usually never a good time to meet up...


Monday night he text me again and we had another short conversation- things have been casusal and slow for the most part but he has definitly shown interest. We ended the conversation Monday night with him telling me to make sure I called him Tuesday after I got out of work-


well that following day I called and he never answered the phone- even shot him a small text- just with a smiley face in it- because my phone is notorious for never connecting when calling...


he never got back to me. So it is about a week later and I have been busy but have just started thinking about it again-


My friend who knows him tells me he is sweet and it's out of his character to be like this, and there is a good chance he has not contacted me since that day because he feels guilty or nervous that he blew it...


So I mean I have some options I could call him or text him just asking how he would feel about a "redo" lol ... or I could always show back up at the club he works at (where and how we met in the first place, while he was working) and just kind of casually feel out the situation...


Any suggestions?!?!

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Yeah well it was a text directly after the phone call and if he was busy that day why would he respond to either- if it had been a call one day a text the next day and nothing I would say f-it but I'm just stubborn and like to be knocked directly on my butt instead of just letting things go lol

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You called him when you said you would and followed it up with a text and still nothing a week later?


To me, that would be a sign that he's playing the field and you weren't the only one he was texting. If he's in the club scene, he probably met someone else. If you want to try ONE more time, go for it, but I personally think the result will be the same. He sounds flaky imo.

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