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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could shed light on this situation... I have a friend that I have seen maybe 10 times the past year and we are sexually active. I have noticed that the same day we have sex, I later notice hives on my arms, back, chest, stomach, legs, etc. They look like misquito bites, but they are definitely hives (my dad is a doctor and he confirmed this-- I did not tell him how I acquired them though!). I probably get 15-20 spread out over my body. They dont itch or hurt and are gone within 24 hours.


I have had several sexual partners and have never had any kind of skin irritation like this before, after sex or in any other situation either, except with this friend.


Could I be allergic to my friend? Something in their chemical composition, sweat? As far as I know they dont have any lotions or fragrances on when we have sex. And the location has been different every time, so I dont think its environmental?



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You could be allergic to the detergent he uses on his clothes, or his body wash or soap, even his shaving cream or aftershave or something. There are many possible causes...I am sensitive enough that the detergents in my boyfriends clothes will make me break out in hives - that may also be the case for you.

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