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Should I stay or should I go??? Really need advice on this one.

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I can't put too many details due to the nature of my work so lets put it as simply as possible with out giving anything away.


At work I was attacked by a client. I was pinched, kicked in the stomach, the client sprained my hand and slapped me in the face.


Those in charge told me 'deal with it or leave'


I then discussed this with work colleges on the train and someone else over heard. Although data protection was not breached by myself.


The staff who became involved showed me no sympathy for what happened to me what so ever. They don't even care.


Do I sit back and deal with this and get my degree, or do I find another line of work to go into? I'm sorry I can't say what it is because I could get into a horrible situation if I do. But I feel really misrable.


I feel like I'm letting my parents down... I'm going to have finantual problems if I stop...


I'm going to the doctor today about my sprained hand as it didn't heal right and I can not write properly and if I move my hand in streight or curled possitions it hurts really bad (it should have healed by now).



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If I pass my classes I can transfer universities I think (if I pass after all the stress I've been though!). It depends on if there is a vacant space on the course and if I fit their criteria. In all honesty I'm compleatly shocked by the way I have been treated. I'm quite scared about what could happen next.


I can't give away too much about the client I'll just say that the client was not all there so they think it's ok for this to happen.


I'm waiting on a call from a lawyer but they are injury specialists I think I need to go and speak to one that deals with work related issues.

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So, I'm confused. Is this a co-op job for college? If it is can't you go to your co-op adviser and find out other options? I know people who have had similar trouble with co-ops (or they got fired) and they went to their adviser and planned a different course of study.


Quite frankly I'm shocked at how you were treated as well. Obviously you can't tell us too much but it sounds like you work with the mentally disabled, and there should be measures in place to protect you in situations like this.


I say fight for your rights. How close are you to getting your degree?

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I was 7 months in. I decided to quit and do something else. I'm going to see a careers adviser on tuesday and I emailed someone today to let him know I am leaving and informing grants that I'm leaving too. I am not giving him a reason he doesn't deserve one he made my life hell. But anyway it was a placement. It was part of my course so I had to work there. She was not all there, but not mentally disabled.

Lawyer accepted my case.

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