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Intimidated by older people

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I just recently started working at an intern position at a design firm. At this firm, most of the people are older then me, but there also is a group of interns that are roughly my age. For some reason, when I am talking to the interns my age, I feel perfectly normal. However, when my supervisor or other staff members talk to me that are older then me, I feel slightly intimidated and I don't feel like myself anymore... I don't really know how to start/carry a conversation with them nor how to make jokes and so forth.


The weird thing is that this only happens at work. When I am out with my friends and we meet some older people, I can carry a conversation perfectly with them. Actually, even in my interview for my position at the firm I was interviewed by several much older staff members and I managed to have an excellent conversation with them.


Is it normal to be intimidated by older people? If so, are there any techniques I can use to overcome my problem?

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In a work setting some people do feel uncomfortable around older co-workers because of the vast difference in work-related knowledge and experience. When I was in my twenties I also felt uncomfortable and intimidated by those people in the workplace who were older and more experienced. As you get older and more experienced you will start to feel more comfortable.

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