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I'm tired of playing games..


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This may seem very abstract, if you're unfamiliar to Facebook, so I hope this makes sense. Long story short, there's this one woman on Facebook that is indirectly attempting to grab my attention. I recently noticed that she made it so it says that she is single and looking for "friendship, dating, and networking" in her profile information section. The thing is, in her "education" section it says that she attends the same college as I do, but she isn't officially on the school's Network. Thus, she is unable to see my profile information, because I set it up so only my friends can see all my info but the people on my school's network can only see a certain amount of into, and those who are neither on my friends list nor in my Network can see anything in my profile. I think one of her good friends, lets call her Mendy, set her up to get me to email her or whatever. Plus, it seems odd that she did not include her birthday in her information section..


Do you think I'm right that Mendy is trying to get her lady friend to set me up??

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