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What should i do?


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I didn’t know which subject to post this under so I figured I would post it here.


I have known what I wanted to do as a career since I have been in junior high. I have always been an athlete throughout my school career playing both football and track. My junior year of high school I was fortunate to get an opportunity to basically volunteer with a person who does what my career goal is, and this individual is basically a legend in my state because he has been doing his job for 35+ years so this experience would definitely help me a couple years down the road when I applied for a job, he basically became my mentor and gave me a lot of opportunities that no one else has had.


Well he found out I played football and basically said that when the fall comes around to give him my game schedule and I agreed. Well several months later I decided to not play the upcoming season, which would be my senior year. However I never did tell him that I had quit, and for several months thereafter I never heard from him and he never replied to my emails. Well about 3 months after the end of the football season I found out that he and his wife had gone to one of my school’s football games to basically root and support me, obviously he was upset to find out I didn’t play and basically lied to him. I apologized to him and he accepted, this was the spring of 2007.


Around June of 2007 I applied for and accepted a position with a local park, I was thrilled because it was my first job and I told my mentor about it. Well about two weeks after accepting the position I was offered a job that paid better, had better hours, and was not a seasonal position like the park job. Well I accepted that job offer and then told the park I would not be able to work for the summer. Once again my mentor stopped replying to my emails, my guess is that he stopped by the park to visit with me and I was nowhere to be seen, leading him to think that I lied about getting a job at the park.


I have sent him several emails in the years since and have not received a reply. I am now about to graduate from college and apply for my dream job, which would be with the same agency my mentor still works for. I basically know that they will talk to him about me and I am guessing his response will not be great and lead me to not get the job.


I want to talk to him about the park job and that I did not lie about getting the job, but rather took a better position. However this individual has the reputation of basically being a grumpy old man, even though I have been told by others that he is really a sweetheart down-deep. I am basically scared shi**ess of talking to him because I don’t know if he is going to “bite my head off”. I don’t know whether to call him, send him an email, drop by his house one day or what. But I do know that I basically won’t get this job unless I do something.


What should I do?

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Well about two weeks after I made the first post I made a pretty large (couple hundred dollars) donation to a charity that he and his wife help run. A couple weeks later I received a letter/card from his wife basically thanking me for the donation, and that “(her husbands name) and her greatly appreciate it”, as well as receiving the normal taxable donation information. Their charity is something I truly believe in and really support, so it’s not like I made the donation just to do it, and I think that’s pretty obvious considering how much I donated.


Since I received the letter should I say anything to him? Whether in person or thru email?

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I'll add to my last post


The letter/card I received was handwritten by his wife. She is kind of the secretary for the organization and he is the “posterboy” I guess you would say. I know they just recently got federal charity status since the bottom of the card said in print that I would be receiving the tax info later in the year, even though I received it with the card so obviously the cards were used when they didn’t have federal status. And on the tax info slip it had the normal “thank you for donating…”. So it appears to me that she actually did write the card specifically for me since the tax sheet says the normal thank you that most donation tax slips have, and that until they got federal status they would use the cards so people knew they should be expecting the tax info. Does this change anything?

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