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hello breaking up fourm

emma j

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well hello breaking up board. i've just come here from the relationship conflicts board. i'd like to say its nice to be here.. but its not really...It all happened last night and this morning and i'm currenly in a angry mood. lets hope it last.. here is a thread explainging all that has happened since last thursday.. happy reading.



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Sh**ty - welcome to this fine club


Read your update in your other thread - You are better off - this guy is selfish and there is no room in his world for you.


I found the angry mood didnt last. It was just the beginning of many ups and downs......

Good luck to you

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oh i am very very aware of the ups and downs. this is the 3d major breakup with him in 3 years. The last time I really didn't do to well. I'm hoping that i can regain my strenght during my exams and keep myslef in the knowledge that this IS for the best and i believe that i deserve much better.


you guys are gonna have your heads melted with my talk on here.

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oh i will. this is gonna be like my personal little diary. I've had a word pad open and have been writing down my thoughts in it the last day or so.i'm up to 4 pages now. Dunno whether to put it on here or not.


I'm just not sure where to go now. straight into nc. i have some stuff belonging to him that i just DO NOT want. so i'm thinking if he wants them he'll get in touch right. but what do i do with them in the mean time. i dn't want to know that one of his hoodys is available to me. cos i will put it on and become sad.


i put a sissors to all his photos earlier. that felt good. i'm so so aware o the time right now. i know that in 40mins he finishes work. he won't contact me. but i'll be thinking where is he, whats he doing. is he gone. out.

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It must be common to feel like that. I still wonder sometimes where she is and what she's doing. "It's midnight, is she sleeping? Talking to someone? Out partying?" It eats away at you. My only method for dealing with that feeling has been to find something to fill the times you know will be bad. Watching movies, going to the store, reading a book, indulging in a hobby. If I can not think about her during the hardest times it makes everything seem manageable.


You won't stop thinking about him. But the goal, in my eyes, is to see him/her as less perfect and for the person they really were. They lied and emotionally cheated at the very least. I still love her, but unless she could change back from who she became I could not be with her anyway. Everyone deserves a partner who will be honest and loving, we didn't get that.


Now is the time to think about you. Do the things you shouldn't because they are selfish. You don't owe him anything anymore. Take care of you and do some things that would make YOU happy with no care as to how he would feel about it.

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hmm, its gonna be hard to find things to do at those certain hours. he doesn't finish work till half 9 in the evening. then theres the times i'll be thinking i wonder is he off today. ugh.. the thoughts of whats ahead is horrible. I just need to work on my exams

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well its an hour till my exam and i really don't think i could care any less right now. I hate him, i truly truly hate him for doing this to me during my exams. Everything i've done for him. been there through a cancer scare been there whie he tried to kill himself been there through all the tanturms and the angernes and always always taking him back. what a fool i am. constanly giving my heart back into his hands when he could never hold it.


i've deleted everything from my phone. unfortunetly i still know his number. i never wanna see another picture of him again never wanna see another item belonging to him. never wanna even hear him name.

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Sounds like you have given him alot of support. If you really didnt do anything wrong to break up the relationship then I am sorry for you.


Only saying this because I recently broke up froma relationship. Basically I was at college and working In a chip shop when I was with my X, then through her family I managed to get an IT job in London and she helped me alot, she then could then say the same thing, I helped him so much, i cant believe what he did.


The thing is if you were acting differently or not being the person you were as suppose to the girl you was who he fell in love with then that is partly your fault.


Just sayign this cause us boys get blamed for almost everything all the time, and tbh we are arent the ones that cause the mess nowadays.


If you have had 3 breakups over th elast 3 years you will be fine, It sounds like you went through alot with your x, just think you now have the chance to meet someone new and go through the exciting part again. I really dont think there is a better feeling then when you first meet someone. amazing

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