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guy girl and t-girl

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MY b/f and me want a 3-sum w/ a t-girl! My qustion is what postions would you do, i really dont want them to do it missionary! and i want to be in envoled like him do me while they do therre thing, i could just waatc but im affraid i migh get jealuas! Should i talk to him about these postions? He really doesnt want to do them just suck her off and her do him... I want to help him with his faniticy! But i hve limits!](*,)

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You on your back, him having sex with you, while the TS has sex with him anally.


You can do doggie the same way. He has sex with you, while TS has sex with him.


Then you can switch and TS can have sex with you, in either position, while BF has anal sex with TS.


You can be on top riding BF in cowgirl position, while TS enters you anally. "DP"


You and BF can both give TS a blow job. You be the dom and have BF show you have he likes to have it done to him.


Shall I keep going? lol

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^^ Oh Lost, I was just getting warmed up. lol


Now if we incorporate, some vibes and dildos that would be cool too. that way, they can do DP on the OP and both can have a vibe inserted anally, so that they are all being double penetrated.



haha! As I said, I can keep going!!


And yes, I do have a schematic...or rather a wonderful video. lol

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