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Is this normal????

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Ive just ben dumped by my boyfriend,the first relationship ive had after seperating from my husband2 years ago.We were only together 4 months but i really thought we were meant to be as we met when we both really needed someone and fell in love and were so happy for the first thee months.He constantly called and text me saying how much he loved me and missed me, i was his soulmate and his life now.We were talking of him moving in and even having a baby together.Then out of the blue he tells me he thinks he still has feelings for his ex and its not fair on me to carry on seeing me.I was totally deverstated as we both knew how painful it was to go through a breakup.Anyway he asked if he could still call and text me every so often as he still wanted to keep in touch,(Hes called or text me almost daily since we split)and always says he misses me and that he still has feelings for me.Even saying hes jealous when i talk about anyone else.He went away on monday to apparently sort his head out as its so messed up ans the first day he text me to say hed got there but then yesterday i heard nothing so i text just to ask if he was ok and all i got back was a minamal text saying hes staying again and his credit was running out so he would TRY to call me today.I know im not going to hear from him but i miss him so much.Is it normal for my feelings to change so much? One day im angry then think how dare he treat me this way to like yesterday and today i miss him so much i keep crying.I hate all these mixed emotions how long do they last?

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Well he origonaly told me over a year but then backtracked and said she took him back once so i dont know how long its been since the second time but apparently both times she told him to go as she dosent love him anymore.

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Ah. I had the same issue with my ex-boyfriend. And he has been divorced for almost 2 years when we started going out. I asked him what if she still loves you, the answer wasn't "I don't love her", but he told me this "if she still loves me, why did she go off and marry someone else?".


That was the first warning sign. The second was when he raised his voice in a peaceful argument. He told me that arguments with his ex-wife had always been heated and bring the house down. He hated that trait in his ex-wife. And he did that to me.


In all the arguments that we had, I always reminded him "I AM NOT YOUR EX-WIFE".


Some things are beyond repair. Broken men and broken relationship are one of those. Start your NC now. Get out. Don't come back to him anymore. It's done.



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Thankyou,I now realise there were little things that i should have picked up on but he was so convincing about how he hated her and his love for me but i should have realised he seemed to go on about how awful she was and he couldnt believe he had met someone like me but all the time i had questions in the back of my mind .He even asked me once what the chance of me getting back with my ex was because he couldnt stand the thought of being hurt again and couldnt stand the thought of loseing me. i know understand he is a very mixed up and hurt man but why did he have to meet me?ive had more than my share of heartbreak already..

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