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getting back together concepts


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i was just wondering... do any of these getting back together concepts even work? has anyone used them and suceeded?


It's funny how people fall into this trap of "methods" to win their ex back.


"Get your ex back by following these 8 simple rules"

"Win your ex back in a week by buying this book"

etc etc etc


There is no method of winning your ex back. If each and every one of us thought the same, the world would be simpler. There would be no arguments, there would be world peace since everyone would have the same mind set.

Obviously that is not the case. We are not robots.


When emotions and desperation is high, you want to find the "answer". No one knows the answer (not even the guy who claims to have saved millions of women win their ex back!). I feel into this trap too, I think everyone has.


Every relationship is different, and every dumper thinks differently. What may work for one person may not work for the other.



-Don't become that crazy ex and try to control your emotions

-Be happy

-Take some time to better yourself

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They work in that they put you into a better frame of mind if/when things turn around. Getting your emotions under control, living your life for YOU not the 'other', and generally letting go of the relationship and getting back you as an individual. So either way it's win, if your ex comes back and you get back together it becomes win-win. Though it's not through any of these things and/or concepts it's because they wanted to try again and you are in place where that's a possibility. That will never happen in panic mode, and if it does it probably won't be any better. So my answer is...a definite maybe. hehe

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It is funny you ask. I think to a degree they actually work. I fell for buying one of them the first time my bf and I broke up. I had so much confusion and grief I just knew I didnt want to end the relationship there.


I applied everything and in a month, we were back on track. He moved back in. Until two years later and some old issues resurfaced. Which made me take a long hard look at, are we really compatible?


I think he regrets coming back after we got back together. The breakup this time is much easier than the last one but somehow, I applied that book and it worked. If it was the right thing to do, probably not. We had broke up for a reason.


I will not use it this time. I am strict NC and just put it in my mind wont talk to him for years.

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yea i know what you mean, we never talked about the problems tht split us up the first time round, but im takin it a lot worse this time, i think cus the second time round he said he loved me, it all seems false now, love me but leave me soon as theres a problem!! dunt sound like love to me


i think i need to be a bit more stronger like you....im weak, hes destroyed me...

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