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recently broke up with boyfriend. how to get him back? HELP.


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hey.. ok so, my ex recently broke up with me. and i know theres still something there. i really need to know how to get him back. he told me he just wants to be friends, but he wanted me to change and be nicer... i really need him back, i've been depressed for about 3 days and i can't stop crying. everything reminds me of him. please help!!!

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Here's what I would do.


Stop begging and crying and contacting him. Being friends right now isn't really an option as it is so soon after the break up.


I would tell him that before being friends, you need a few months to get yourself back on track. Take that time and try to learn where you went wrong. Improve yourself in all the areas that you can. After those few months, if you wish to, contact him and see where things are then.


Chances are that he may have contacted you by then anyway.

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You are where a lot of us were when we joined eNA ... seeking answers on how to get our exes back. Unfortuantely you will find that there is no specific answer to your question that is going to guarantee that you will get your ex back. You can't make someone love or want you if they are feeling differently to that. The more you try to push him the more he will pull away. If you think that there is still something there, then the first thing you should do is to respect his decision and give him the time and space he needs to work out what he wants. If there is a chance that he may want to come back to you then you have to be patient and let him work that out for himself. I know its hard but the more you say and do right now could damage things further.

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The good news is that 100% of the posters here have been in this situation.


The bad news is that there is no 100% proof plan that will work to get him back.


What we recommend is that you no longer contact him for a while. By going No contact you will allow him time to miss you and you time to heal from the break up.


Begging and pleading will not work, I guarantee that.


NC is your best bet. Agree with the break up and try to not talk to him as much. Join a gym, take a few classes but find ways to take up plenty of your free time.

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