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Work Write-ups

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I would like to know how to handle a situation here. I just started working at Wal-mart about 3 1/2 weeks ago as an overnight stocker, and it hasn't been great.


First off, I signed for another shift, not third, but I'm stuck on it because they won't change it and I need some income.


As a stocker you're given certain "times" that you should finish with your work, and if you do not finish by that time you and the manager will have a talk. Of course with me being new I don't know where everything is, so I struggled with my area for a while (though he was pretty understanding at first).


I won't make this a long story, but let's just say my manager has realllyyy been on me, no matter what I do. He's come and "talked" to me over and over, switched me to another area, and I'm still not up to his expectations. The thing is, every time he switches me to another area I have to learn where everything is! I'm not slacking off at work whatsoever. I'm busting my butt trying to stock the products, but when I can't finish on time here he comes.


For instance today I was given 2 hours to do my section. Everything was going smoothly until another manager had me do a task that took around 30 minutes, and then once I returned I had to do something else for another manager. I really dislike multiple managers (with one "big" manager) and retail stores.


Today I got my first "write-up" ever (including school, lol). How should I feel when I'm actually trying my best and still getting written up? I can understand if I'm slacking, but I'm not. I even skip some of my breaks and stay after work an extra 20-30 minutes to get the job done.



*-Also, I will be fair. In *his* eyes he sees a person that is given 2 hours to finish a job and ends up taking 4. I can definitely "see" where the problem lies, but this is not the complete picture.

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I think you need to put your foot down. Tell other managers that you're on a time-limit and you can't help them with other things unless they get your primary manager to come tell you in person. As for your primary, tell him that he's setting you up for failure every time he moves you to a new area without taking into account the extra time it will require to learn the ropes.


Honestly, it sounds like if you don't stand up to them, they're going to can you anyways. So your best bet is to say what's on your mind.

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And this is the reason why I don't shop at Wal-mart. I actually have several reasons for not shopping there, but ok, I won't go there.


I would suggest either talking to or writing a letter to your managers telling them how you are feeling pressured, you are doing your best, and you are still learning. Also make sure you keep documentation of what is going on because that could be a harassment case if it continues in this manner. I personally don't think they are treating you fairly, in my opinion.

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I had a situation much like this at a local video store. I was expected, after 6 weeks to be 'faster than every other employee' there. I was told this AFTER the six weeks had passed. I was also expected to have learned some managerial duties that were never taught to me, because the manager had used most of that time to take various vacation days. I was written up the day I learned that I wasn't magically faster than employees who'd been working for YEARS. The next day, I was given a verbal warning (I asked how I could be expected to suddenly massively improved when just the day before, I told them that I was doing my very best), and the third day, I was fired.


They really just didn't like my personality and were looking for a reason to get rid of me that wouldn't have left them paying unemployment. They tried to fight my unemployment claim after that, claiming that I was willfully disobedient and belligerent, but they had no proof (and that never happened), so I was awarded unemployment.


Just saying, I know how it feels to work your butt off, and still get 'the talking to' like you're a naughty school kid.

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Glad to hear a similar story as mine, Lovelace


A girl was written up yesterday for the same thing. A manager brought out a lot of stock an hour before quitting time and expected every bit of it to be done. I'm glad that it's not just me, but it seems to be a managerial problem that should be fixed.


I'm not going to let them make me quit, but I will job search while working there. I don't want a termination on my record so I'll just suck it up and try harder while I am there.


Thanks for the replies everyone


(p.s. I will take everyone's advice and tell the other managers I have work to do, but the funny thing is every day before we start work the whole stock team + managers have a meeting that outlines what we will be doing for the day. The other managers *know* exactly what we have to do but still pull us off the job. It's a funny place)

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