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Feeling very sad Tonight, Please Respond

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Hi Folks,


Thanks for opening this thread.


I just need someone to say some kind words to me tonight. I had to contact my ex to transfer my website and domain name from his hosting service.


It was sad. I think we both knew that we hosted it through his service because we thought we would always be together. At least I did. I wanted it back so I would have the freedom not to have to be in contact with him anymore. I think we both knew that too.


We made small talk about our families. He told me some friends of ours got engaged.


I wish it had been us who got engaged. I have been crying most of the rest of tonight.


I don't think I will get over it until I fall in love again.

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Just to let you know that you are not alone, i know it feels like it and everybodys circumstances are slightly different but i know what you mean about feeling alone etc.


I asked my fiancee to marry me 3 times in December and we were trying for a second child all last year, only for her and her new bloke to talk to our daughter about WHEN they get married she will have a brother or a sister very soon! They had only been together about 2 months at that point!

They have now been together about 5 months and everything is great for her whilst I still feel numb.


What i'm trying to say, without rambling on about my story, is that these are difficult times. I have had a few adversities in my life, but nothing comes close to the feelings that I now have of worthlessness, rejection and loneliness.


Its very hard to do, and i'm struggling, but as sad as it is, if you know that you are basically a good person then you will get through it.

When? Who knows! I'm 13 weeks into it and i've definitely moved but not very far.


Take care and remember that the good people on this forum proves that there is life out there.

I cannot see myself ever loving someone as much as my ex and even though her behaviour was awful i still really miss her.

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Hey Squirl,


Awwww. Yeah, breaking up isn't really one event, is it? It's a very sad process of slowly untying the bonds, one by one. It's hard to see each one go. They represent so much. Hope and optimism about the future you were building together. Evidence that your relationship was once strong and vibrant. And now you have to dismantle all that you built, brick by brick. Baby, I feel your pain. I really do.


I don't know what to say to make you feel better right now. Sometimes it just hurts and it hurts until you can't hurt anymore. Let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. Trust that it'll pass and you won't always feel this bad.


I guess what helps me in those low moments is seeing the strand that's my life . . . me . . . separate from the relationship that had me woven into it. That strand's still there. I'm still there. So are you! Your life is still full of all kinds of good things, like your website, and it will continue with you. Instead of investing in the future you had with him, invest in the future you have with yourself. Take stock of all that you have and all of your own potential. Shower yourself with all the love and affection you were showering on him. Cultivate other relationships, with friends and family. Shift your focus toward your own life and what's ahead for you. It's not the future you thought you'd have, but how many times have we all experienced that . . . not just because a relationship failed but because our plans didn't turn out the way we had hoped. This isn't all that different. Tend to yourself and make your life great! You can do it!

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Well, you are certainly not alone. And we are all here to help. You think your situation is bad? try this.. my ex left me for someone else, and now they are engaged only after 1 yr.

Cry when you have to. dont hold it in,

U are still in a position where u can talk to him etc etc. I know it hurts hunny, but you have to let it past you! Try doing things to take your mind of it.. and you will see that the days will just get brighter.

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