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Surprise gift for girlfriend


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This Friday my girlfriend and I will be celebrating out 3 month anniversary. I know that it is not that big of a deal, but I have really strong feelings for her. She is the best thing that has happened in my life and I would like to give her a surprise to show how much I care about her. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for me.

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This is really sweet.


I'm sure ANYTHING you do she will love because you obviously really care about her and that will be special in itself.


I would think some good gifts are:

- flowers - everyone loves getting them and it's a sweet gesture

- tickets to some type of event: concert, amusement park, sporting event, a play (whatever she would like)

- anything she has mentioned recently that she wants or needs?

- something personal is always nice - if she mentions she loves butterflies, get her something with a butterfly...etc.

- a heartfelt letter...after dating my bf for 2 months he wrote me this really sweet letter and sent it in the mail even though we saw each other every day. It was such a surprise, made me really happy, and was so sweet!

- a framed picture of you two for her to always look at

- A non-expensive piece of jewlery may work as well - if you know what she likes - BUT obviously nothing extravagent or fancy, maybe just like a cheap charm bracelet or something

- Make reservations at a really nice restaurant (maybe something fancy that has like a 5 course menu or that's on a waterfront or a place like the melting pot)

- Take her on an overnight somewhere (maybe if you have a beach nearby or a place to visit)

- Also something I did for my boyfriend when we first started dating is I got a bag of hershey kisses and on each one attached a note of why i loved him...and i told him that everytime he ate a kiss he had to get a real one from me...corny but I'm sure your gf would think its cute


If you don't like any of these I'm sure I could come up with others..

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