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What am I feeling?

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Okay so I have been through a break up about a few weeks ago, and it wasnt as bad as the first time (same guy, second time with him). Anyways lately Ive been feeling good...havent cried, no loss of appetite...none of those symptoms i had through the first break up. Well all of a sudden I go on a trip, and I start to feel something strange around my heart. (kind of like anxiety, but its not that for sure)...I can be thinking of something different or be enjoying my time with friends/ on my trip and I end up feeling this strange sensation, and suddenly I start to think of him. It only happens when i go on a trip far from the city we both live in. I can´t explain what I feel.


quick note: Yes I do love him very much, the break up ended ok...as friends, i do not talk to him much (only when he starts it). I know I can get someone else (not a priority) and that he is not the only one. I had a huge connection with him.


anyways anyone else felt something like this?

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I think a lot of us here has experienced that at one point with someone they used to love (or in your case, still love)...I had experience this especially when the breakup is still fresh, after every breakup(irregardless of whether i'm the dumper or dumpee).


I can't quite put a finger on it, but if anything it's close to "nostalgia"? You're used to sharing these things, experiences with them, and when it's over you just remember the warm feeling that you used to while with them. Well, I've learned that eventually that feeling grows more vague in time until you don't feel so nostalgic anymore, and then as time passes, you don't feel anything. lol I hope I make sense!

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Its not nostalgia either, which is weird...and I mean Ive been through other break ups with other people, but this is extremely different, and the first time i broke it off with my ex it didnt feel at all the same. Sure there are times when I miss him, but it doesnt compare to how I feel when I go on a trip. I cant quite put my finger on it

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