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birth control.. but i'm late?!


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okayy i'm using my bf's account bc i need some serious help!!


i started birth control last month after my period. and me and my bf have had sex a few times within the month(he wore a condom EVERY time and made sure it didnt break). and i missed a pill and today i was supposed to get my period but i didnt!

i'm freaking out bc idk if i'm pregnant or not!

but since i missed a day i took an active yellow pill on the first day i was supposed to take the white sugar pill. i talked to my bf and after he read the directions he said that its possible that my period will come the day after i take the first white pill! (since i was supposed to take the first white pill sunday, and have my period today. but instead i took a yellow pill on sunday to make up for the day that i missed earlier in the month. ) i hope this makes sense. someone please help bc i'm freaking out right now!!!

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