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HELP! need advice

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Ex has been trying to talk for what reason I'm not sure. She is hanging out with my friend (def. hooking up) but she claims in no way are they dating. She claims she feels bad about all of this and she wants me back in her life.. as I friend I guess. Thus far I've pretty much ignored all attempts she has made until today, I kind of played with the idea of talking to her. I'd say for the most part I'm over it, I started hanging out with some girl I like but who knows where that will lead.


we were texting and at some point we got to the point where she dropped this text,


me: what are you confused about?


her: where we stand? friends or not? you and me? i cant and have not forgot about the past. i will always love you. but will there ever be more? can there ever?


....um what? feedback please? im not going to look too much into it but this has thrown me for a loop. there was probably almost a month if not a little more of NC before the past 3 days.

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