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I'm trying....and it feels good.


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Well, I'm ignoring the comments and actions still out of my in-laws but I need to hop on here to tell you all about what's been going on lately. Some of you know, some of you don't. I just need to vent but overall I think your advice is helping tons.


So my wife decides to drive with her parents and brother to this reception 11 hours away for just the weekend in our mini van. (Left Friday night and got home Sunday night.) Before she leaves I tell her to not have her father drive because of not respecting our vehicle before by driving 80 mph on back country roads before with our new van. I stayed home with our two girls on Mother's Day weekend. My wife told me it was an overall disappointment. They get there and my wife says nobody was hardly talking to them. I tried telling her this was going to happen but just didn't seem to set in. After awhile, things started to pick up and supposedly they started to have fun. In talking with my wife, she tells me that her mother cornered her and asked her why I didn't go? She told her mom that it was Mother's Day weekend and that he wanted to spend time with his mom on Mother's Day.....didn't go over too well. Now, my wife brings it up that nothing was ever said to his brother about his fiance' not coming either. I took a deep breath and said, you must let go honey and stop this. On the way home from this reception, supposedly my FIL decides to take the wheel. They enter a construction zone without braking....my wife has to yell and he slams on the brakes and enters the oncoming lane. Luckily, there wasn't any traffic coming. They continue to drive and again, he decides to switch lanes and cutts off another car because of a blind spot on the van. The car slams on their brakes and lays on the horn. When getting gas at the next station, he decides to blame the "incident" on a bumped mirror that he couldn't see into....yeah supposedly, "someone" bumped the mirror. I told my wife that it was time to let go of the rope in this whole deal and move on. Let them keep pulling but just let them pull nothing from now on and to ignore it. Finally they made it home...in one piece and our girls get to see their mother. She didn't come home in the greatest of moods either because my MIL decided to tell her that the reunion was canceled later this summer and decided to take her actions out on her. I told her it was time again to just let go of the rope and let them pull and pull until they can realize there's nothing on the other end.


I hugged/kissed her and told her that I was happy to see her and glad she made it home ok.

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