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Is He Flirting or Just Being Nice?


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There's this guy in my driver's ed class and he's so kind. I caught him staring at me a lot in our first class together and ignored it (because I didn't want to seem conceited and jump to conclusions), but then I heard his friend say, "Quit flirting!" That got my hopes up. It was a packed room with cute girls around (not many by me) so I still tried to ignore it. The next day I went into the hall to read my textbook because it was too loud in the classroom. He came out twice to get a snack and throw his stuff away, but unlike the other people who do the same thing he started to strike a conversation with me. While we were talking he said, "You think I'm hot, admit it", in a joking tone. I said, "Yeah, sure I do", in a sarcastic tone, just so I wouldn't get embarrassed by saying yeah. I have a feeling he's just being friendly. Plus, he's super hot and girls flirt with him all the time in class and I'm....well....not geeky, but certainly not popular. And compared to the other girls in the classroom (who wear makeup and I don't) I seemed pretty average. I think we're on wayyy to different points on the social ladder for him to be flirting with me. What do you think he's doing?


(And yeah, he's straightforward....but he was kind to me and checked up on me. He didn't seem like a playboy. Playboys often only get with girls because of 2 reasons: A. Because she's super hot and obviously knows how to have a good time [which I'm really shy and have only had one boyfriend in my life] and B. So that he can show her off and make his friends jealous. Which I would not accomplish.


edit: btw, he did cute, little actions that I don't know would be considered flirting. Like when he was getting a snack he (very obviously) faked not being able to put the coins in the coin slot. I laughed and decided to go "help him". Dunno if that's flirting, though. I'm kind of oblivious when someone is flirting with me. XD

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Although I'm a little worried about that. It was a really packed room so he could have been staring at a girl somewhere near me. Or he could have just been staring into space.


....Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. lol. XD

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