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heey im in a long distance relationship and Im really falling in love and i know that he loves me. we only see each other 1x a week and he isnt the type to show emotions..I dont know why but sometimes I feel like i could be more comfortable with him and Im afraid to be too emotionally attached and have a broken heart after.. is it going to be better in time?


did it happen to you?

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long distance relationship, does he live in another state or something?


my ex bf and i dont live in different states and yet we only saw each other one time a week if lucky then two lol.


but i don't think it will work out if he doesn't show his emotions (my ex is that type too)


better off,go look for someone else, it might not last long. you can try but youll have to face the pain later if you fall deep. good luck

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that is a start of, on and off. I done that before lol, at the end i'm alone


but with you, you can either try it and hope it won't be on and off.


and if on and off is getting there, you really need to think if you could hand it or not.


At the end the one will get hurt most is mostly us girls

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I feel like there is a lot of information missing from you post. How old are you? Are afraid of being hurt because he doesn't treat you the way you want to be treated or because he hurt you in the past? Have you told him how you feel?


I think the best thing you can do is communicate. Tell him your fears and your feelings. He may not be the emotional type but if he's not mature enough to listen to how you feel and work together to find a solution than maybe he's not ready to be in a realionship. My boyfriend and I are in different countries but we have a great relationship because we communicate feel and he listens to my feelings.


Best of luck with your boyfriend!

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