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Hi all,


I've been on this site for a month or so now and I wanted to share with others who are going through a break-up some things that I have begun to realize.


I loved my ex very much, more than I thought I could. At times, I really thought he might be the one for me. However, we were separated by distance and he said he just couldn't do it anymore. I was crushed and tried desperately to hold on to any hope of him coming back to me, after all, we've been through this once before.


I was sad, angry, but more than anything, I was hurt. I felt betrayed and extremely let down and have continued to feel this way nearly two months since the break up.


But now it's starting to sink in. He left me. He made the decision not to be with me. He made the choice to not have me in his life. These thoughts just baffle me. He chose not to have me anymore and that is a decision that I never would have made. How could I ever trust him again?


I don't know if this helps or hurts anyone (hopefully helps) but I really felt like sharing it. Every once in a while I bounce over to the thread about getting back together but lately I've been avoiding it; I haven't wanted to give myself false hope. However, I found that that particular thread actually gives me a sense of peace. Reading those stories make me see that no matter what I do, no matter what he does, if it's meant to be, it will be. I believe that my situation is out of my hands, there is nothing I could do. I hate ruling out options but I will not sit here waiting for him to come around.


Much love xox

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thank you for posting jules813. I've just recently broke up with my boyfriend (2 days ago). i get where your coming from even though its been recent i know that he and I will never get back to together and like you said he made the choice to not be with me and I need to understand that to move on. Hopefully you and I can find peace one day.

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