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missing sex - doesn't feel the same - how do I approach him?


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How do I tell my bf that I am missing sex with him, and that it feels different when we are together. I want to be sensitive about it and make sure it doesn't become a big deal or put any pressure on him.


We have been together 4 years and always were sexual very active. He had to move for a job and we see each other twice a month now, sometimes more. We talk each day a few times on the phone and txt.


He works a very stressful job, around 70 hours a week. When he comes home and we get intimate it doesn't feel the same, he seems tired (understandable), and he feels as he isn't really there with me.

It does bother me, he has the job another 6 month, and I am worried.

Should I talk to him about this? And how?

Or should I be just understanding and wait it out?

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You know, it's only six months. I wouldn't complain to him too much, since you know he's trying to make it easy on everybody. Instead of complaining that you're not sexually satisfied, try requesting sexual satisfaction!


I would cut down on the phoning and the texting, because he can't really miss you if you're in his pocket the whole time. I would, every day or two, give him a brief update, so that he's not worried, and I'm not worried.


6 months sounds like a really long time, but it's over really fast.

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70 hours a week is a lot for anyone. I can understand why it doesnt feel the same with him. He is exhausted. Dont get on his case about it. I know its rough right now but its temporary. All you can do is try to make things as comfortable and sensual as possible when he comes home. He has to unwind before he can approach you correctly.

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What do you mean he only has the job for another 6 months? I've been with my fiance for 4 years too now, and when we first started dating, we had sex about 2 or 3 times a week...When I went to the fire academy for 6 months, I was too tierd and sore for anything, give the guy a break. I think we had sex twice a month when I was in the academy....Go buy a viabrator and behave yourself, it will be over before you know it, and he'll be back with you when his job is done.

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