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First Kiss? Does this count?


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We were coming back from a performance at night and my friends were daring eachother things.


Well I wasn't playing and they asked if I would mind if they dared someone to do something to me. I said not if it will be gross and I just said okay.


Well they dared this guy to kiss me and I'm pretty sure he didn't want to but he won't back down on a dare... So he kissed me. And I didn't kiss back.

I don't think that really counts as a first kiss right?


Then they dared a different guy to kiss me either on the lips or neck(odd?) and I was sorta scared but he said turn this way and I did since he was in the seat behind me(I was by the window ,and my friend in the isle seat) then he said pick up your head and I didn't so he said it again and I looked up and he held my head up and kissed me. I think I was imagining(might have not been) but it seemed like the kiss lingered?

I don't think it was a big thing for him since he wouldn't back down on a dare but he kind of hesitated until my friend said are you going to or chicken out(to him). He had already made out with my other friends as dares and some more things that aren't really important for this I think. So I don't think he wanted to but then again he is always joking around with me and super nice not like how he is around the other people that were playing. I don't really believe I like-like him or have a crush but who knows?


Then the first person was dared to kiss me for longer so he did and I know he didn't want to because he doesn't like me at all not even as a friend. ):


but anyway...

I was wondering if any of those counted as a first kiss.


By the way I'm 15 so are they. And I didn't kiss back either time.

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