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Meeting the ex again

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My friend is having a birthday party, and it's going to be on the beach.

He had called me and asked me to bring a BBQ grill, I said sure - no problem.

I check on facebook, and in the event's info section, he writes out that I'm bringing a grill, and my ex is bringing one too. I was the last one to find this out, seeing as how I don't have Internet.


It sets me back, and had I known she was gonna be there, I probably wouldn't go either, though when it came down to it I probably would.

For sure, I'm not eating off her grill.


So what should I do? Her boyfriend is probably going to be there too.

Being friends with my ex, not really an option, it's not easy, same goes for her boyfriend, I don't know the guy, and I can't exactly look past the fact that he's with her. I don't wanna be happy for her that she's found someone either, I've tried feeling that way at first, it doesn't give me any gratification.


So what can I do? One thing that comes to mind, is to beat her at the grill, and get everyone to eat from mine.

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I would say go, enjoy your friends and keep away from them as much as possible. If either of them try to talk to you, be friendly, cut it short and get out.


From your post though, it doesn't sound like you're ready to see them, let alone communicate with them. I'd make other plans and cancel.

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i'd cancel for sure no doubt in my mind. it doesn't sound like your ready, why would you put yourself in an uncomfortable situation? in fact, if i were you i'd offer to let them borrow my grill but tell them you can't make it. she'll be like * * * ? why is he not here? he obviously hates me, it will probably drive her nuts.


plus, i think you showing up is sending the message that you're ok with her being at the same places as you, which you are not. what if she starts showing up at all the parties u are going to b/c she thinks you're ready to be friends with her?

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