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I've been at it for a month now and i gotta tell ya, it's one hell of an ego boost when you get 1-3ish messages a night. I've got 4 first dates lined up this next week. I might be getting ahead of myself, but if this site (dating site) works like its supposed to I'm sure I'll find a keeper. Whats the best and easiest way to friend zone the rest of them? I mean like as back up incase it doesn't work out the way i would like it to. I don't think i could hold up more then 1 casual relationship at a time.

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Whoa buddy...


I think it's great that you are getting so much attention, but listen to what you're saying.


Whats the best and easiest way to friend zone the rest of them? I mean like as back up incase it doesn't work out the way i would like it to.


A backup? Seriously?? Now, you're probably a nice guy and everything, but this sounds totally pig-headed.


My advice? Either see one girl at a time, or let the other ones know that they are not what you're looking for as soon as you know it. Don't lead anyone on, and don't waste anyone's time. They are looking for the same thing as you; a relationship.

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Yep I think you're getting ahead of yourself. Don't forget they could easily be doing the same to you as well. You might get nowhere with all 4 dates.


But hell yeah I can imagine the ego boost and just general hope you'd get from at least getting these first dates.

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In my books its ok to date as many girls as i like, until i meet one worth going steady with. Lets say 2 of these girls are worth going steady with, A and B. I choose A, I would never cheat on A. B is still a really nice person, what would be the best way to friend zone her? If i were single, i wouldnt mind getting to know B in the context of a steady relationship. However i will not cheat on A, it's out of the question. 2 weeks later A dumps me, she cant stand the fact that i have back hair. The situation i would like to set up is to be able to call up B and ask her out on a date, just in case. And if things work out with A, then B and i can just be friends. It's not a crazy idea for boy and girl to just be friends.


I hope that makes more sense, I'm not looking to lie to or play people. Just set up a better situation. Just because things don't work out with one, does it mean i have to start fresh with some new internet stranger? I'd rather be able to call up one of the other 3 and see where that road leads.


Put yourself in my shoes here twist, would you so readily toss away the other 3?

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You can say is "I'm flying out of the country for a few weeks for business. I'll try to keep in touch." This should buy you enough time.


LOL so you are suggesting the guy lie to one of them? That is chicken-sh!t.


To the OP, part of being a man is making a choice. If you like A, then go for A and be honest with B. Don't "string her along" under the pretext of being friends as your backup plan. People that do that on purpose are crap.


If you really want to be friends with B, that means you'd be willing to hear her talk to you about some new guys she is seeing. Can you handle that?

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There is no way you can guarantee yourself a backup without stringing a girl along making her think you're too busy to see her until you've worked out which girl you want.


You'll just have to use your judgement. If it doesn't work out with girl A then fine, go back and message girl B, but be prepared for her to have been taken by someone else. Remember, everyone on the site is there for the same reason, to meet someone, and if a girl gets a hint that she's your second best, she probably won't bother waiting around for you.

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