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"Walked away" from my mortgage


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6 years ago my son passed away. Shortly thereafter I realized a "dream-come-true" and purchased my first home. I met the "man of my dreams" after that. We worked together at the same manufacturing company, he had worked there 25 years. He told me we were going to get married and live the life of our dreams. He lost his job. I chose to pay HIS mortgage and leave my house behind. Suffice it to say my house was foreclosed on. Is there any way to regain my life? He lied to me and just used me to help himself.

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Well that sucks but remind yourself you are not alone. There are alot of people with homes that have been forclosed on due to different circumstances And you are not alone if you trusted a jerk before. There is a lot of that going on here. Welcome!


I'm guessing you are a little on in life but there are important lessons that we all must learn at any age. You will be better for it.


You could also try talking to an attorney to see if there is someway that you can recoup some money via a civil suit. I think I see this kind of stuff on Judge Judy all the time.

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