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I've been attracted to a coworker for awhile, she knows how I feel about her but i dont know how she feels. Long story...


Anyways last week she was pretty rude to me telling me to leave her alone. I grew up with two women so I knew what time of the month it was. Later that day she sends an email really apologetic. I told her it never happened. She kept saying sorry and then she said how she wanted to see my new place (I just moved).


At work we talk and her, another woman and I were talking about snorkling. The other woman said to her she should really go and her reply was "I dont have anyone to go with". She left and the other woman turned to me and said that was an invitation.


A few days later i email her asking if she wanted to come over. No reply. I sent her another email lastnight asking if she wants to hang out this weekend, still no reply.


At work she seems to go out of her to talk with me. She looks at me a lot especially during our morning meetings. What i dont get is why is she ignoring my emails but not ignoring me at work?

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Have you asked her out in person? Maybe she is ignoring your emails because she feels it's impersonal and would like for you to approach her verbally. Could that be a possibility?


Possibly, tomorrow we work together so I will ask her then. If she doesn't give a straight answer then I will tell her I don't appreciate the mixed signals.

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