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my mom is thinking about moving overseas


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I'm a bit confused. I know why she is doing it, it is a valid reason. Just, well, i'm in college, my brothers are scattered in different places. During my college years (starting from freshman year) my parents got divorced. Dad had a kid with his young and kind of ambitious girlfriend (she kind of doesn't want my dad and his kids to be together... wants her new kid and relationship to be secure. She knew my dad was married and kept sleeping with him anyway, the age difference and my dad's personality lead me to think she is a golddigger.), mom had emergency surgery and almost died. Then had another surgery. Then went to the emergency room again. I'm worried about her. If she died I really would get messed up, I don't know how I would live. The places she is thinking of going are really different from what she is used to. She doesn't know much about them either. She is not a US citizen, and I am. She is legally in the country. I guess I know why she needs to do it, but it feels weird because I am American... I feel like my world is spreading further and further apart.

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Not exactly the same but I feel you. I'm about to graduate college and have...nowhere to go. My mom is in Trinidad by her total, "I'm 60 and it's time for me to really start livin" choosing. My brother is about to ship off to college in Hawaii.


I'm alone. It's really odd.


Totally empathize.

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