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What do you find attractive in your 20's, as compared to when you're 35+?


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I haven't changed a bit. It's always been about someone intelligent, funny, and somewhat unconventional. Physically, I've always been a sucker for the same "type" (long dark hair, dark eyes, glasses, average build), not necessarily universally "beautiful", just attractive to me.


In hindsight, despite the fact I don't mind those physical and non-physical traits being mutually exclusive, I suspect those standards are too high. Maybe when I'm 45+ I can just narrow it down to "female" and be done with it.

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I've noticed that things I didn't care about in my 20's I do now. For instance in my 20's I wanted a dark haired guy who had a slim to slightly muscular body. While I still want someone like that I could probably overlook a lot of it if he has the other things I want more now: a never married guy without kids who'd make a great husband and father. One who would treat me well, not cheat or be abusive. Would be there when I need him but wouldn't be clingy.

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