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He's trying to ruin me

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Even though I haven't spoken to my ex in MONTHS, I have had 2 different episodes happen to me that indicate he is trying to bury me in the hobby I participate it. Won't go into too much detail, but we share this hobby and he was the one who got me into it and helped me. Now he is trying to push me out of it indirectly.


I won't let him, but it makes absolutely NO sense. He did the same to his ex who also participates in this hobby, and she didn't let him either. Difference is, with her he "hated her" but I knew he still loved/loves her so that's why he was trying to get her out. He's an evil person. But with me, he hasn't tried speaking to me and I *know* he doesn't love me anymore.. so what gives? I have no idea.


It's pretty painful that someone who you shared so much with and loved can do this to you and feel no remorse. I have no intention of talking to him about it, or talking to him period so I just have to hope and pray he will give up soon.


Any thoughts?

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How can someone push you out of a hobby? If its baseball team, join another team. If its hiking, then hike elsewhere. If its a cooking club - well go on the internet and find another club. If its a legitimate hobby that many people do, there are more groups to do it with. Or just stand your ground and continue to show up. Be the bigger person. Also, if he got you into the hobby because he wanted you to do it with him, do you really like the hobby all that much?


Also, what does he do to "get you out of it". He can't tell you to leave if he is not the president or king of it

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