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Mother going out of control

Mr Derick

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Not sure if this is the right section for this but here it goes.


I moved away from home 3 years ago, my parents live in spain while I live in the UK so there is a big distance.


We used to be close but as I grew up she would want to know more personal stuff about my life, stuff I really am not comfortable to speak to her about. Or she would say something that would put me off from speaking to her.


So it has come to a point where I really hate speaking to her, mainly because she will no doubt say something that will make me want to hung up or because there is nothing to talk to her about, or in better words I have nothing to say to her.


Now it has come to the point where she tries to make me feel guilty about not wanting to speak to her, and tries to say I am a lot like my biological father ( Who I have not met ) and that I am a selfish bastered.


Now she may think that but I know I am not selfish, far from it in fact.

I really cannot be bothered with her any more, but I feel guilty due to the fact that I live with my grandad and I hate to think what he must think.


What should I do?

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