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Doing alot crying lately

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I have been doing alot of crying lately. Cried this morning. Cried in the shower. Cried while putting on my lotion. I was like when will the tear drops stop falling. Probably cause I stayed in the house most of the weekend cause I really didnt have the money to get out and hang with people.


I still dont have the desire to contact my ex but it still hurts inside. I know that I am doing what I should be doing which is moving along in my own life.


I still feel bad that he is so whatever or so it appears. I dont really believe he can be so cold hearted but I guess he truly can. It bothers me.


I guess I just needed to vent and be amongst those who can relate to my anguish. Im at work now so I feel better.

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Well I had a long reply! Looks like that disappeared!


What you've got to realize is that every time you cry you are actually moving on. You are dealing with your pain and in that you are growing stronger. It is these moments that we feel our weakest and that we feel so much pain that we are actually giving ourselves room to grow by releasing so much hurt. After I cry I feel a little better because it means I am dealing with it, instead of ignoring my feelings. How long were you two broken up? I think it's best that you stay in no contact no matter who did the breaking up. My ex and I she wanted an 'open' relationship and I said, 'no' so i'm not sure who did the breaking up here but when she messaged me 20 days later, it really hit me hard and I wish she hadn't sent it.


Remember you are never alone goodluck to you

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Thanks Guys!!


I agree with Little lady. I did feel better after I cried. It was a release for me that I needed I guess. I know it is going to get better. I have so much support on here from you guys. I am so glad I am here with you because it helps alot. Im okay right now. I work for myself and I have alot of work to do. Thanks again

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