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need some advice


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i need some help.i havent been ina relationship let alone kiss or anything in the past 6 months but get this,my body is in the best shape in my life i have average looking face teeth, killer eyes. iwork fulltime im always looking for fun i have my prioritys stright im a pretty chill person, girls always give me that look like damn (yes im confident) but no girl wants to be with me, go on a date or they just play games. im a awsome person with so many qualitys it seems many girls dont want that anymore. even whenthey complain to me about how they are sick of crappy guys or what not. they know what im about stil they dont give me a chance in the world ,when it comes to choices im dead last idk i could go on forever

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Those girls who claim to be sick of crappy guys but play games with you etc etc aren't worth your time


Perhaps you're just hanging around the wrong group of people or the girls that you do encounter aren't on the same page as you are.


idk i live in boston theirs alot of people here so far not one girl has even taken notice to me i kinda accepeted that i wont have a relationship with any one even though i know im sexy and im the man but they see a weirdo mabey cause im a aquarius

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