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Should I attend or not a good idea? Please Advise


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here is my story.


I am currently in a relationship with (A). Unfortunatelly someone he knows (B) and I had something that happened in the past. We've stopped all contact since, but he keeps in contact with (A) and sometimes says coments like bring (me) along, wear sexy outfits ect. (i'm sure it's just guys joking) Anyways. A few weeks ago we were invited to a party where he would be, I avoided going and (A) hung out with me and skipped the entire thing. This weekend theres another party where we've been invited by (B)'s family where he will also be. I tried to get out of going but (A) is making me join him, I dont want him to wonder why I keep avoding (B). Maybe I Should just attend. But Im so worried. I dont know how to react, I dont know what to say. (B) is in a relationship at this time as well and at the time we had something, he was on & off with her. So I'm not sure if she's aware of what we had. Its a tough call. I need your advice. Please help but dont be harsh. Thanks!!!

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