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After 5 years, we may be getting back together!


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Well guys, it looks like it may be happening! My "high school sweetheart" and I have been broken up since a few months after I graduated High School about 5 years ago. We broke up because we were together almost everyday and just had stupid arguments.


We've both dated other people and always ended up talking to one another or wanting to be back together. She finally ended things with her boyfriend and she's moving back to our hometown this week. I called her and we made plans to hang out this week.


I'm not going to rush a relationship, but I'd LOVE to be back with this girl. I figure we'll hang out and go on a few dates before I even think of becoming exclusive again. Any advice to help my situation?

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Just let it all flow naturally is the best advice in my opinion. Nothing should feel forced and if it's right it's right....it sounds like such a common sense statement but sometimes we all try to see stuff for far more than it actually is and that is the cause of wrecking something good.

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I would give it time. Weeks maybe months.. Figure out what she wants, because It sound like you know what your after for. Try not to talk about the Ex boyfriend as much, it could potentially lead to an argument. Just show her an amazing time as if you guys were just freinds, and listen to what she has to say, comfort her, let her know everythings gonna be okay. Then spice it up and make every date a lil different. Taking her out to dinner, A walk in the park, Catch a movie, Show her a great time, and have fun. Win her heart by reminisin about the fun/ funny things you guys done in the past. Dont talk about any of your ex's, she doesnt want to hear any of that, unless she asks you. But dont go on about it change the subject and make it about her. I hope this helps, and I hope the best for you guys.

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No we had NC for a year or 2. Then we got back to calling/texting every now and then and have kept in touch since.


How did you get back into contact? I'd like to get back in contact with my ex, but not sure how to do it and VERY hesitant to be the one reaching out first since I was the one dumped. It's been months for me and I'm finding it really hard to figure out how that conversation would go or even get started.


Cool story by the way.

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She added me on facebook and told me she wished that we could be back together was the first time we ever talked again. We then just called and texted every once in a while. Whenever either of us breaks up with someone, we always seem to go back to each other, and now with us both being single, it seems like the perfect time for us to try it out again.


But I will be taking it slowly since she just got out of a relationship.

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