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Going out tonight


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There's a girl I've been talking to a lot lately. We used to work together but we are both kind of shy and we didn't talk much while we were there. I haven't seen her in two years but we've been talking a lot lately through facebook and texting. We are going out tonight after she gets off work but I'm worried that we both might run out of things to talk about. We do fine over texts and facebook but you never know when it comes to being together.


So what are some good things to talk about when I run out of things to say?

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I think sometimes first meetings can be awkward. I always find it helpful to ask question, since I can be shy myself. I often ask about their family, what it was like growing up. Where they would like to travel to in the world. What kind of pets they have/want. Little things can sometimes spark s great story. And use what you know. If you love to read, then talk about books you've read, or interesting stories

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