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Alone & single.


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I really don't have friends...never had a date. I'm 24. I could find a date, but I just don't want to ask random girls out. I'm not good looking, so online dating is not possible. What do I do? The only girls that I've liked have depressed me in the past (one basically ruined my prom), and I've been angry since. I used to treat girls who rejected me in college like trash. I was rude to them. I shouldn't complain because people have more problems than me.....my only problems are being alone and not able to find a date. I've gone to bars, but I've been hesitant thus far....this one girl I had a chance with, but I ignored her a year or so back. And i just got laid off my contract work position. I'm still living with my parents until next year to save cash. It sucks to be me sometimes. Give me advice.

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Life sucks my friend sometimes. First things first get a job.


It will do your esteem and confidence some good. Life will improve given time.


As for the dating scene. . . .well i'm no oil painting and i've done ok. First things first...employment.


Good luck bud.

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Reading again it appears the number one thing w2hich is getting you down is that lack of having a woman love you.


Possibly halting you in your tracks when it comes to the rest of other things which should be easy in life, like making something of yourself.


Only women can get away with not having a great job to say without embarrassment and find love.

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