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So I met this guy twice last week randomly on a night out. Second time we kissed and he took my number. We have then been texting for a week now every single day all day. Sometimes if I don't reply he will text me again! So I've been like we should go for drinks... but never amounts to anything. And I've asked him to go to the same club this saturday and again he was just like well i dont know if anyone is going out. He hasn't once suggested going out with me or when hes free and stuff. I don't understand. Why is he texting me so much?

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maybe he sees you as a fun-time clubber girl, not a dateable girl.

all you've done is see him in clubs, and all you've suggested is to see him in clubs.

Perhaps ask him if he'd be interested in grabbing a coffee. At this stage in this non-relationship you really don't have anything to lose.

(particularly as if he wanted you, he'd be relentless in his efforts to spend more time with you. texting is lazy and i don't put much weight in that to be honest)

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I second the opinion of if he really wanted you, he'd pursue you. That's the way it goes for most guys unless he's shy, which by your post indicates, he's not.


The guy you met sounds like a childhood friend of mine. He says he's looking for someone to love, but goes to clubs every weekened and hooks up with different girls when he can.


Then he says he can't marry these girls he meets in clubs.


If you're interested in the guy Ask him out in a non club / bar environment. Go from there.

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