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Over the Break-up But Misses Ex?

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Hey there been a while I don't start a thread about my break-up.


So I am over stuff, I don't hurt anymore, I am fine with the idea of meeting someone new, but sometimes I still find that I miss my ex... is this common?


Like, I miss talking to her sometimes you know? Like being friends and having that caring relationship, where both people worried/cared about each other and tried to help each other? I miss this stuff, and I miss the conversations and things we would do together.


Doesn't make me sad or depressed or anything... it is just kinda of annoying ? lol.. I don't know how to put it, it is just something that sometimes finds its way into my head.


I can go by entire days without thinking about her, and I have given up on the whole deal, I just don't care anymore. But sometimes I miss knowing that I won't be receiving a call from her, or an email or something. It's weird...


I guess part of it is also that things between us are not stressful anymore. Full NC with her was never really totally possible, we attend the same religious meetings twice a week. But this past month (March), I made a conscious effort to avoid her, avoid even looking at her. Before that time, it is not like I would go talk to her all the time, but if she was close by I was being friendly and saying hi, and acting like nothing was wrong. But I got tired of initiating the niceness and decided on complete avoidance.


After about 3 weeks to a month of that one day when I least expected she walked up to me, and came say hi and make small talk. I was friendly, and talked / joked around... But yeah... was really intriguing. And since then sometimes she will look at me, say hi to me, and we talk normally/joke around. No flirting, nothing like that.. just normal genuine friendly talking, like I would with any other person. I don't think she has any romantic interest in me at the moment, and I don't think she is pursuing anything, at least I don't see any sings that she is. I am clear headed enough to notice she is just being nice and friendly like she would with any of our friends. I guess we are on even ground now, same level... like... that whole dumper-dumpee thing, not really having a factor anymore, and seems normal to be friendly.


I am fine with this, doesn't bother me. But maybe I guess that this might be one of the reasons that she is still lurking in the "deep blue ocean" of my consciousness lol.


But then I also think... "If I keep avoiding her, and keeping up this weird vibe.. it will never go away, so I need to be okay with breaking this ice.. so that things normalize".



Anyway.. just putting my thoughts into writing and out there. I will just keep doing what I am doing, not initiate anything, if she comes to me to talk then fine, I will be friendly and whatever.


But yeah.. sometimes I miss my ex... Not necessarily her, but I guess I miss the relationship/friendship.

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