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Female advice please


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I am a 25 year-old single male with a receding hairline and I am writing to seek female opinions on what I should do about it given that I have had brain surgery as a child and therefore have a scar all the way down the back of my head. Should I leave it to recede naturally, just cut it really short or shave it off now thus exposing my surgical scar? Do these large scars put females off?



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I think you'll be fine. Receding hairline isn't that bad at all. Just keep it short and what ever you do, DO NOT DO THE COMB OVER.

I'm also not a fan of the shaved head. Everyone knows its just a balding guy trying to hide it. It doesn't look sexy to me at all. But maybe it's just me.


Sometimes the receding hairline can be sexy, especially if you are getting kind of a widows peak.

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don't worry about it. I wouldn't be 'turned off' because someone had a scar on their head! That's crazy! You can go for the shave if you think that will look better than the 'balding' look.


My brother is 25 and if balding (aww) and he tries to go the route of leaving it a little long, which just looks horrible, thin, and spindly. It would look much better just short to normal. The shaved bald look is something I would have to get used to on him. My other older brother was balding as well (gosh glad I'm the girl here!) and he went for the buzz early on. But he has had it so long it just goes with him.

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I think keeping it close cropped but not all the way shaved is a good choice for young men who have a receeding hairline. Not everyone can do the bald look, if you think you can, go for it, otherwise keep it closely cropped and well groomed....agree with the person above who says it gets scraggly looking if not managed by good hair cuts.

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I would just shave it off. One less thing to worry about in term of keeping neat/cut etc.


Scars add character so long as its more interesting than ugly.


and yes, I realize you asked for female opinions... but a males couldn't hurt, right?

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Your scar is totally fine! Don't even feel one iota of self-consciousness about it!


I know someone who had surgery for cancer that left him with a much more severe scar in a much more noticeable place on his head (that's what I was imagining before you posted your pics) and beyond the initial curiosity of HOW the scar was obtained, the fact that it was there barely registered after that.


Your hair looks good shaved like that. Also the pic of you with longer hair is great too. You can pull off either look. Your hairline is no big deal and doesn't interfere with your looks. I don't think I'd even be aware of your so-called "receding hairline" if you hadn't brought it up.

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I say shave it off !!! That is what I would do if I was a man with a receeding hairline, scar or no scar. Remember, women are not attracted to men visually the same way men are to women. Naturally, most women are more interested in your heart, your mind, your intellect, and whether you are fun to be with. I have had my cosmetology license for 25 years, if that means anything....

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You're a cutie and the shaved look definitely suits you


Don't worry about your scar. It honestly wouldn't bother me at all and I actually find it sexy and feel it adds a bit of mystery to your persona and it would definitely be a great talking point/ice-breaker!

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