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lol just something annoying i rememberd with my ex


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at the time, when my ex was still with her previous boyfriend and we were just good friends, she always complained to me that her boyfriend didnt satisfy her sexually despite of them going for like 40 mins or so, and he didnt want to go for more than 1 time, and she was really frusturated most of the time.

So at the time, i knew the guy, a very nice guy who i became really friendly with but not friends.

i was heavily criticizing her because all the time for her putting so much emphasize on the sex and she was in a way torturing him and being mean to him due to this issue so i critisized her even more (i was her "best friend", so we could talk about anything and she always wanted my honest opinion)

Anyway, after a few years they broke up... and me and this girl started dating.

The sex was amaizing according to what she said, and i also loved it a lot, but the only problem is that after only 1 time (where she would "finish" 3-4 times, and I only once) , she would fall tierd and say that she cant go anymore, she is too tierd. At the beginning i didnt make much of a deal of it, but then i kind of became frusturated because i wanted more than 1 time, and i kind of started to get pissed at her and give her a bit of attitude lol, thats when i realized that all of her crying throughout the years over not being satisfied were grounded with true frusturation and were justified.

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