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normal friendship behavior or more


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I never want to assume that someone is more into me than I know they are. If you tell me that we are just friends than that's how I treat you and the situation until you tell me something different.

My friend did something so nice that I now wonder if it was normal friendship or something more.

My friend is in a band, and at a recent show I had wanted my friend to go with me but she is pregnant. He knows the owner personally, I think either he or someone in the band is related to the guy. So I mention that with her being pregnant she gets tired easily, so he said he would make sure she had a seat, either by making someone move or getting an extra chair for her.

He an be really nice guy anyway, so I wonder if it's just him being nice to me and my friend or something else. And I have seen pregnant woman at his shows before and he didn't do anything for them. So I know it isn't something he does for just anyone.

What are you thoughts?

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No I am not at this time interested in him, but I honestly can't say that I would never be interested in him. I however am not single, so I have friends of the opposite sex, but never think of them as more than a friend. I am also happy with who I am with so not looking to replace him or anything.

I understand that people do this for stranger often, but that isn't typical behavior for him. I have seen girls he casually knows be pregnant or even injured and he (and the rest of his band) did nothing to help with getting them a seat.

And as far as different behavior, I haven't been able to talk to him enough to see if he acts differently. He has started talking to me more than he had been, but there may be other reasons for that. (It's complicated).

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