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Reconcilation begins with letting go of the dream


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Ok so after a month and a couple of weeks of no contact, i decided it was time to break it.

I texted him and got no reply...

later on, my friend called from her number and a girl answered!

i was embarrassed.

Later on i discovered that it was no longer his phone number and he got a new number.

He still speaks to me when i see him, and i often catch him staring at me. But now im thinking, he changed his number and did not bother to give it to me. Therefore, i should not be worried about reaching out to him. (even if i could!)

I know he is very stubborn, which is why i wanted to speak to him. But now there is no way of talking to eachother on a more personal note, besides the casual hello that we do once a day.

What should i do? i dont want to do nothing and allow whatever is left to flame out because it has been overall a total of three months since we dated. (one month of strict NC) which lead us here.

Summer is soon and although we stay near eachother, without any contact, reconcilation is only short of a dream.

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Thats kinda funny..


I am in a similar situation

I would call an expert and tell them about your situation...I know this is kind of cheesy, but have you tried contacting link removed

They have some counsellers there that can help you with your specific situation, and tell you to how to go about it.


Hope this helps


oH and I know how you feel.....I was dating this guy for a short time, and then things didnt work out.

But I dont think you should ever give up, concentrate on yourself and family and friends, and after a while, show him the new you...and if it doesnt work...oh well there are many boys out there who would be lucky to be with you! and you should know that


Wishing you the best



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When do you see him and say hello? Do u guys go the same school or work together or something? Maybe next time try and spark up a little conversation and see where things take you. I wouldn't ask him for his number though or ask him why he changed it.

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