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Jealous about other Women

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Okay so I have another post in the "Jealousy" section. Was wondering if anyone else has this problem.


I have been with my bf for 3 years and part of our life is that he works out of town a lot. He is a construction worker so he is on the road a lot and as such, meets a lot of new people. I used to go with him on occasion and now I have a local job so I cannot go with him out of town anymore. My concern is his gets to meet a lot of women and I can't say that I am 100% okay with that. We had an incident in the last few months and I'm sure that has contributed to the situation, but it bothers me and I worry that he might find another women on the road that he fancys more than me. The incident in question is that he thinks I did or said something (not really sure to be honest) with some guy that he worked with. He was hitting on me at the bar on new year's eve and I told him off. He went and told my bf I am not sure what and since then, my bf has been a little weird with me. My concern is that he is using that as ammo or whatever to talk to other women. He said something to me the other day that really bothered me. He said he was talking to another woman he works with and that he really understood her and point of view. The funny thing is that her H is right there with her but he keeps talking about her all the time. I am concerned that he might be doing/saying something and that he might think that I did something that never happened. I know I am rambling but I could use some advice. Has anyone gone through something like this before?

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I think you lack proper communication in your relationship. You need to sit down and have a long talk about all of this. Get your feelings out on the table and she if you can learn to trust each other again.


Without trust and communication, you have no relationship.

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You guys need to have a talk. You are speculating way too much. Just ask him but be careful how you ask him. Don't accuse him or blame him. In my communication training courses, I learned that you should put the focus on yourself instead of blaming someone else. Tell your boyfriend, I felt hurt when you told me you have been talking to the women at work..."


If your boyfriend dismisses your feelings or isn't willing to hear you out then that is bad sign. Also, remember that just because your boyfriend travels doesn't mean that he is going to cheat. Just talk to him.


Best of luck

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I've been thru this whole jealously thing before girl I learned that it's better to keep your trust in him about it. Without trust the whole relationship can be in ruins. Know that he isn't gonna cheat and he only has eyes for you. My bf feels safe to talk to me about any girl he meets, and tells me stories about his female co-workers. If I ever feel like a girl is coming onto him or I get a weird vibe from a girl, I let him know how I feel about her and he solves the problem. It's all about communicating to each other how you feel. You don't have to let him know everytime little time you get jealous, just when you feel it's important enough.

Maybe his friend told him something to make him insecure. Let him know that he's the only man for you and you don't want anyone else. Do something a little special for him.

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