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Am I reading too much into this?


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Usually things are really good between us, we rarely argue and we enjoy spending time together. However the past few weeks she has been really 'off' with me.


I put it down to because her sister and sister's husband are going through a rough patch, and we actually have her sister's husband living with us while try try and sort things out. To go along side this a few weeks my girlfriend and I found out that she was pregnant.


It started out as she was really snappy/blunt with me. I tried to not retaliate and would just say to myself its just hormones/everything thats going on. But it would get hard and often I would just feel down and miserable by the time i got home from work. I was so down about it one day I asked her what was going on.. But all she said was its okay its not you, and that shes just got to get things sorted out in her head and told me to maybe I should talk to one of my friends if I needed to talk to someone.. So I said to her the problem is I know I feel and its what she's feeling is what I don't know. She didn't really say anything to that other than keep saying "its not you, you've done nothing wrong".


The other thing that sounds the most stupid but upsets and gets to me the most is I'll text her when I get to work, just so she knows I got there okay and tell her I love her. She used to reply with "okay love you too, yada, yada, yada" now she will just say something along the line of "Okay or have a good day x". In the past few weeks I think she had told me she loves me literally twice. When we used to say it all the time. Its getting to the point where I think she no longer loves me.. The thing is I've stated to think maybe I should just not say it either and see if she notices. But then I just think well thats just petty.. I really just want to say to her why don't you say I love you anymore. But then I don't want her to say it because I've asked her to..


The end of the day, I just want to get her to talk to me properly about whats going on in her head and how she feels towards me so we can get things sorted because at the moment I'm really unhappy. But I have no idea how to get her to open up. She has always been bad at talking about how shes feeling. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could try?

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If she's pregnant I'm sure she's not feeling well and her hormones are out of whack. And I'm going through the same, my wife's on hormone meds at the moment so she can be snappy at times (and sometimes I don't help the situation!).


I would suggest going with the flow and help her as much as you can. How long is she into the pregnancy by the way? I'm sure her sister and husband's situation is also stressing her out as well.

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7 weeks now.. I know shes scared as hell about loosing it and everything going on with her sister is not helping things.. Thats why initially I tried pushing my feelings to one side and I've always told her that I am for her.


Just going day in day out not knowing what is going through her head is really hard. I love her to bits and would do anything for her, but its hard to not feel down and depressed about the relationship.

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