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Tinted moisturizer..?

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I'm pretty low maintnence when it comes to make up..right now I just use covergirl naturals base and a mineral powder 'veil' on top of that..a natural looking bronzer and blush combo..mascara, eyeliner..and i'm done.


I'm basically wanting to keep the same routine but with a tinted moisturizer since I just really need something to even out my skin tone and use as a base for the bronzer/blush combo.


I've been researching the top sellers on link removed but I just don't know which to pick! I'm not too keen on spending 40$ for a 1oz tube either..but I don't want to buy anything super cheap and it looking like crap.


Any suggestions..i'm at a loss...

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My old roommate used the Jergens stuff and it looked natural on her... but I've never tried it personally so I can't say. Just don't use whatever it is girls in England use... they look so orange


I think you're talking about self tanner..


what i'm talking about is like a down grade from foundation..it's not full coverage foundation..it's basically like a facial moisturizer with some color added to even out skin tone or if you want something 'lighter' than regular foundation.

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Haha, no you're fine! I'm totally clueless when people start talking about brushes and stuff like that..i'm like "uhh, I just use the little brushes that come with the make up."


hahaha, yes! Me too! My makeup turns out just fine that way. I don't need to spend $50 on a freaking brush.

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Back in the dark ages (ahem... I don't want to say how long ago... hehe) I was a rep for Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder and Lancome. Lancome made a tinted moisturizer that was FANTASTIC!!! My sis used it first, then talked me into trying it. It was very light and really felt like you were wearing nothing. I just looked on their website and it looks like they do have a couple they make now. I dunno if it's the exact same as what I tried, but I always really liked their line. Take a look:


link removed


The one I used to use was the one with the 15 SPF, but it wasn't the same one they have on the page. It's a little pricey, but it lasted forever since you didn't have to use much.

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bath and body works actually makes an affordable one that works pretty well. It's called daily defense anti-oxidant tinted moisturizer, made by Patricia Wexler.


Also you can just mix a bit of lotion with the foundation you already use and it will give it a light look and feel. Or if you apply it with a dampened make-up sponge it will give you a dewy, more natural look.

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I have used the Lancome, Stila, Philosophy, Perricone MD, Clarins and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. In essence they will all do the same job, some better than others. I think out of all the ones I mentioned Laura Mercier, Perricone MD and Lancome are the ones I'd use again. I haven't repurchased any except Laura Mercier. I wouldn't opt out for this as an every day thing, because it can build up over time. I only use mine during summer months.

I still put moisturizer + sunscreen under, for the simple fact that I choose to not apply anything tinted without a base on my skin.


My suggestion is, go to a make up counter and test a few out. See how your skin reacts to it. My sister breaks out from Laura Mercier for instance, while my best friend and I don't. Ask for some samples to take home and see if you like it.


One thing I do know is, when it comes to skin care/make up. I'd rather pay a bit more and have something that is good, suits me & and something I like, over something crap or that is just mediocre only because it's cheaper.


You can also opt out for St. Tropez Whipped Bronze Mousse which I absolutely LOVE under foundation! I've heard of people using it without foundation just with a moisturizer under and it gives them enough coverage however it can really depend on your skin tone. It's a great product and I use this under foundation, over moisturizer for that extra touch of color.


So get some samples, test, and see how you like a particular brand. What works for one person, might not work for you and such things as tinted moisturizer on face or body I found are kind of a hit and miss.

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