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I'm 19, she is 24?


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Me: Would you like to meet up for coffee?


Her: We could meet up, but I'll be honest, I don't know if anything besides friendship will come out of this. I know you say you're mature, but I guess I'm still doubting.


We've been talking for a while on Facebook. I believe I am very mature for my age but naturally she is unsure. Should I even try to meet up with her and convince her otherwise?


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I think that is a legitimate concern be it an older woman with a younger guy or an older man with a younger girl. I mean, if my much older ex was an immature douche, what can I expect of someone less experienced and younger? Things like that influence women's thoughts. Don't let that get you down. If you truly are mature for your age, then your actions will show it. Take her out, she how things go, give it a try. If it works, great. If not, then she wasn't for you.

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^That's ridiculous. One simple date can change the way someone perceives another person, because you can show other sides of you you cannot on Facebook. That includes becoming interested in someone you didn't know had qualities you like. If people only ever went out with others they already had an interest in rather than trying new people out dating would be a bore. I had my doubts as well when I dated a younger guy, and I was wrong! I am now going to marry that younger guy, so I say go for it. It really comes down to whether she likes you as a dating partner or not regardless of your age. It's not necessarily an uphill battle, it's just a legitimate concern she has for whatever reason. If you like her, go for it. There's nothing to lose.

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